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Gregory Davis

Wherever you go I will follow
Whatever happens now you know I'll be there
Together we will share a perfect union
Our destiny awaits in life and death, forever

Forces of light engage the forces of the dark
A battle for the very soul of life itself
A ray of light extends beyond the shadow
An ancient wisdom released into the night

Angels of heaven stand ready at the gate
As followers of Lucifer prepare to fight
All the power of God cannot stop the revelation
Nor the demons of duality or that of hell

Powers and places beyond the mortal soul
Inside hallucination where imagination runs wild
The clash of titans in a battle for existence
Who wins, who loses, it may all be the same

Gregory Davis and Tessa Anderson

Trapped in a life behind a wall of lies
So high I could not see
Knowing there' something more to life
A secret to love and liberty
Somehow I escaped I slipped my cage
Into the open, afraid but free
On my own lost in the woods
Striving to find a love that is...

Everlasting, everlasting
Everlasting love
Everlasting, everlasting
Everlasting love

Danger and doubt at every turn
Seeking a way, the path to take me home
Then I saw you there by the spring
The light of youth and joy forever shown
You guided me out of the darkness, gave me a purpose
I knew I'd never be alone
My aching heart saw a chance, but couldn't believe
But then you said it's...

But life is cruel as they say, so full of dismay
Always out of our control
The eternal rose was torn from its stem and its thorn
How can it be made whole?
Time is no consequence, I have learned since
The power of the soul
Its strength is truth, it cannot be denied
It never can die because it's...

Gregory Davis

Desire of the heart
A willingness to start
Love can never part
From two honest lonely hearts
When truth and hope prevail
Desire of the heart
Desire of the heart

A beating pulse in jealous eyes
Embracing love can't be denied
For those that follow passion
In the shadow of unrelenting pain
Hope, the universal guide
Carries us past the great divide
Two worlds collide

As light shines from the darkness
Love comes out of sadness
Eternal hope in every heart
We cannot live without another's love
Gazing in each other's eyes
We pass beyond the blind disguise
And reach the sky

A gentle kiss upon the lips
Stillness in the night
A soft caress upon the breast
Lover's now unite

Gregory Davis

In the eyes of a precious child
Reflects the future of the world
Inside the innocence they are free
To see the world as it can be

With the cry of a precious child
A voice is heard around the world
The sound of truth it echoes clear
The children of the light are near

The tiny hands of a precious child
Hold the future of the world
Reaching out, to embrace
Love for the human race

In the smile of a precious child
We see the future of the world
The little children they believe
In a world that lives in peace

The children of the light shall overcome the darkness
With love and purity of heart
Without judgment or sentence
They will lead us into a new era, a new time
The Aquarian age is rising
And the children of the light are here

With the yawn of a precious child
A stillness falls upon the world
As they sleep their dreams reveal
Angelic plans unsealed

With the cry of a precious child
A voice is heard around the world
The sound of truth it echoes clea
rThe children of the light are here

Gregory Davis

In the still of the desert night
Distant voices deep inside
Speak of passion
Temptation cannot hide

Beneath the veil of the new moon
A gentle breeze disturbs the calling
Quiet calm upon the sand
Only breathing

A swirling haze
The senses rage
Explosive passion now engaged

A single thought to pierce the night
Deep desire burning
The hands of time
They cease their turning

Compassion looms beneath the calm
Lust, it hovers in the starlight
Insanity and love
They share a common plight

The scent it permeates the air
Consciousness is fleeting
Anticipating every touch
Aphrodite's calling

Love is the Achilles heal
Embracing everything we feel
The universe it now reveals
Sublime sensation

The eyes are windows to the soul
Inside imagination
Gaze into the crystal sphere
The story of all life is written

To sacrifice a love's embrace
Forever dooms the human race
In love and war it's all the same
Give into temptation


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